Sebastian Moody

Sebastian Moody is a young artist, but seems destined to occupy a significant place in the contemporary Australian lexicon. Moody is not constrained by a gallery space, a particular medium, concept or even language, but utilises all of these to present his work. Wit and language have been harnessed in his seminal public art projects, notably at Brisbane International Airport departure gates KEEP THE SUNSHINE and on Fortitude Valley’s McLachlan Street THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT THE BIGGER IT GETS. Orchestrating the currency of now and writing it on the wall is his raison d’etre.

His highly selective words, which evoke the concrete poets, with their ambiguity and multiple meanings, prompt us to “think about looking”, not just about what we think – but why.

The way that Moody constructs his art differs with its media. What unites his oeuvre is an interest in meaning, how this might shift between concept and delivery, and change at every viewing. As individuals, what we see and understand is inherently slippery: our perception of an image, a situation or a concept is dependent on our experiences, mood, time of day, culture and habit.

— Louise Martin-Chew

"Through these works I try to provide opportunities for philosophical contemplation in busy urban environments. The text works are designed to respond to the context they are created in and to be memorable enough to stay in the minds of the viewer. Public artworks have a responsibility to engage the public in positive ways and are often in high-visitation, vehicular, or pedestrian-traffic zones so the text is concise and digestible for people who will only experience the work for small periods of time."

Sebastian Moody was born in Sydney in 1979 and currently lives and works in Brisbane. He completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology (2001) and a Master of Museum Studies at The University of Queensland (2009). Sebastian Moody is a Brisbane-based artist and curator. He completed a Master of Museum Studies at The University of Queensland (2009) and a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Queensland University of Technology (2001).

Sebastian has been creating artworks in the public realm professionally since 2002 and is perhaps best known for large-scale text works that have appeared on airports, vehicular underpasses and building walls. However Moody ’s text-based works have also appeared in a diversity of public and private locations including swimming pools, personals ads, kitchen splashbacks, coffee cup ‘interventions’, hang gliders and as shopping receipt ‘portraits’ – elsewhere his messages have manifested as idealised physical environments. Moody says of his work.

Somewhat equal parts gravitas and humour, Sebastian’s projects have appeared at Brisbane International Airport, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art (Australia), Splendour in the Grass, Next Wave Festival 2008, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Bundaberg Arts Centre, Queensland Art Gallery, Livid Festival, Museum of Brisbane, The Goodwill Bridge, The Queensland University of Technology Art Museum and Southbank Parklands.